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oh hey [31 Dec 2009|10:07pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

because it would be sad to let a year go by without an entry (seriously, i've had this since 2001?), here is an entry

end entry

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why i love frank black [20 Jul 2008|04:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So he wrote this song called "Valley of Our Hope" and the lyrics are an acrostic/coded message in which he spells out the names of the six dogs he's had in his life, and the chorus spells out HOME. And it's just about the sweetest thing ever. Even more so than "Speedy Marie" which he wrote for his girlfriend/future wife and spelled out her name in that.

Near to his conclusion
Even though he was a fusion
Man of cross-eyed rubies and ash upon the snow
Over and over he said "Woe,

Numbered are my days so let's go
Wonderful to make your kind intrusion"

Angling to get notice
Under dark skies of Van Nuys
Giving speeches though I knew him as the organist
Imploring with his eyes
Ever-offering a sweet kiss

Tu eres un oso de miel dorado ay yay yay

Here in the valley of our hope
Over the the hill of pain
May we always cling to the sight of each other
Enjoying all things

Eduardo he's a movie star
Delivered here by Savior's truck
Deliverance it was from bad, bad luck
Instead it's just one hand was struck
Eventually tore his finger so hard

Three limbs would serve the boyish star

Terrible screaming her
Underworld dreaming her
Lady was steaming her
Able assault
Better her vault
Eduardo's sister she is called
Lady of the secret place
Lies asleep within those walls
Escaping from my telephone calls

Countess of egyptian airspace
Number-crunching as she falls
Fortran in her tiny face

Here in the valley of our hope
Over the the hill of pain
May we always cling to the sight of each other
Enjoying all things

Pleased to see you once again
How about we get to be friends?
Occam's Razor we surely will obey
Every night we'll dance the dance
Never will I go away
I said never will I go away
Xanax if you really want

Count on us to keep you sane
The whole place is your haunt
Someday will you change the taunt
Of your old name that came
Five years in the flames

Cinder black is coming back
Underneath a sun that set
Believe me I have no regret
Believe me she will never lack
Yesiree she is come back

Sixteen tons and what do you get?

Here in the valley of our hope
Over the the hill of pain
May we always cling to the sight of each other
Enjoying all things

Anyway I guess this will be my last entry, not like I ever use LJ anymore.

I don't know. Maybe one more later this week to wrap things up.
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the second x-files movie is really happening [18 Jan 2008|05:03am]
[ mood | excited ]


First production photos are on the internet now and they're making me unnaturally happy.
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south nashua of yore [22 Nov 2007|01:49am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

In honor of Thanksgiving, I say we bow our heads and remember...Nashua's Green Ridge Turkey Farm.

Look, I don't care if I'm opposed to the concept of a "turkey farm" (which, uh, it wasn't; not for a long time, anyway) these days; I miss that place. I miss the coziness, the spinning turkey sign, and the giant, mounted moose head that made me cry the first time my parents took me. And now it's a massive Barnes & Noble. For what it's worth, I was totally happy with the small Barnes & Noble across from Toys "R" Us where I used to buy all my Goosebumps.

Also, Hilltop Steak House across the street from Green Ridge: you had a giant plaster cactus out front and your corn dogs made me barf all over your dining room. Now you're an Old Navy. But I still remember...
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ho, ho ho, i'm huh, huh hungry [24 Dec 2006|09:42pm]
[ mood | festive ]

That Fruity Pebbles Christmas commercial makes no sense...

...it being BC and all.
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he probably needed to pick up some ghoulash [19 Oct 2006|01:00am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I just found out that, on one of my days off a few weeks back, Stephen King came into our store.

That would have been the best day ever.

Awesomeness of the job makes up for the loss, though. Today was my orientation (finally), and we each got a complementary $10 for lunch. A big bowl of brown rice and edamame with baked tofu is what I had, coupled with a bottle of honeysuckle iced white tea. And we got all sorts of free goodies to sample (including some super-delicious spinach veggie chips). It was fun.

One of the new hires is a retired Marine. I've never seen such outrage in a person as when we were going over how our products don't contain GMOs and bovine growth hormones and the like. He was shocked that things like those were legal, and he couldn't believe he'd been putting so much of that poison into his body. And best of all, he actually remarked that he doesn't blame people anymore for setting places that use those methods on fire and the like. I...don't think radical eco groups do that too often, but it was still an awesome thing to hear a former Marine say.
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like harvest moon o'er my head [06 Oct 2006|03:13am]
[ mood | okay ]

Score! Last week I started in the prepared foods department of my nearest (by nearest, I mean half an hour away in Bedford, but whatever) Whole Foods. 2:30 PM to 11:00 PM shift. Basically, I serve customers food from the counter. It's super easy. And it's $10 starting pay ($15 on Sundays/holidays), which increases after 3 months, 6 months, and then a year. For now, I'll be getting checks every other Friday for around $800; beats the heck out of the $7.75 I was making at Shaw's back in 2004. Plus I get full medical benefits at 400 hours, and Whole Foods will actually pay the entire cost once I reach 800. Plus I get a 20% discount year-round, as opposed to the 5% Shaw's only offered for limited times. Plus I don't have to throw around 60 heavy boxes in 50 minutes or less with no time for proper lifting. Plus...I mean, it's Whole Foods!

I'm super tired all the time now, though.
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they're essentially comparing me to the ugliest man in america [25 Aug 2006|02:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

Why does Owen Wilson clock in at 4% less than AJ McLean? I look about 400% more like Owen Wilson than I do AJ McLean. Good googly, I don't think anyone looks like the monstrosity that is AJ McLean aside from AJ McClean. Quit playing games with my heart, MyHeritage.
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it's almost night / and i just might / head to the strand down by the sea [15 Aug 2006|08:31am]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm going to see Frank Black perform at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, on Friday night. I, just...holy wow, this is going to be great. It's just Frank, solo acoustic, in the smallest venue I'm ever going to see one of my favorite musicians in.

He's been playing songs that he hasn't played for nearly eight years: "Old Black Dawning", "Czar", "Two Reelers", "Sir Rockaby", "Superabound", "Brackish Boy", "Kicked in the Taco"...and he's also been playing songs he rarely broke out even when they were new, like "Back to Rome", "Living on Soul", and "Billy Radcliffe".

The doggy ate my ous-cream.
Whoa, baby!

Indeed, Michelle.

The first date Frank played on this tour was in Salt Lake City, and evidentally he had the suckiest crowd possible; yapping away and just shouting out requests for Pixies songs. So to bait them Frank started playing "Where Is My Mind?" and then cut it off, saying, "Nah, fuck that." At this point some guy in the audience flipped him off. Frank then played "Headache" and started up "WIMM?" again with a totally exaggerated look on his face, and once again stopped.

I hope my crowd is better than that; hopefully the fact that it's so out of the way will discourage knobheads from attending who only care about Charles Thompson as Black Francis, and verbally abusing the talent whom you payed to see.
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even senile old retired men can land jobs there [07 Aug 2006|04:03am]
[ mood | broke ]

What is one to do when they only have two previous part-time jobs in their past -- two and five years ago each, respectively, and one with a bad ending -- and they desperately need to get hired somewhere for a full-time gig? I've applied to dozens of businesses within the past month, but I haven't received a single callback. I mean, should it really be so hard for me to land work at a flipping Wal-Mart or Target?

This is especially imperative now, because the other night on the way home from Wilton my left rear tire exploded into shreds coming off of Route 3. I don't know how, but there it went. So I had to get that repaired, along with the rear bumper which was falling off yet again. And my left front tire still has that problem with, y'know, staying on its axle; it won't last for much longer. My dad's drawing up a list of everything I owe him. Somebody call me already.
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mashed peas [26 Jul 2006|04:29am]
[ mood | hot ]

I went to Alyssa's summer house in Mashpee along with Andrew and Bethy last week; we stayed three days, one of which consisted of another trip to Provincetown and another meal at Tofu a Go-Go. Two trips to the awesome fake Mexico of Sam Diego's, too. ¡Buenos nachos! I'm really bad at charades. Everything smells better in Cape Cod. And I went swimming for the first time in years, albeit fully clothed (I don't own a bathing suit, and Alyssa and Bethy were swimming, and Andrew doesn't own a bathing suit either but he went in wearing jeans, and I gave in and just plopped into the ocean face first).

I'm going back to the Cape in August to see Frank Black here. He's playing a solo acoustic show, and he's bringing his whole family along. This pretty much makes up for the Tom Waits bust. Hehe...Tom Waits's bust.

I like Woody Allen movies, except for that nervous fellow that's always in them.

Ken Jennings is my boyfriend.

And something not gay for once:

Nobody beats the Newsom.

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palmrnal died screaming [15 Jul 2006|02:21pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Good things about this week:

>> On Sunday, for the first time in my life, I won a jackpot at FunWorld: 1004 tickets from one of those drop-a-token-onto-a-spinning-disc-and-win-based-on-where-your-token-lands-along-the-outer-perimeter games. Mine ended up dead center in one of the red jackpot circles. I wasn't even paying attention, as I just plunked a token into the machine and then turned my attention to the Color-rama game beside it; but I glanced back over for a second and saw the jackpot light start spinning. It was pretty rocking. Took about five minutes for all the tickets to be spit out, after which I walked around cradling them like a baby.

I was there with Alyssa, Jess, and their cousin because it was the birthday of said Jess, and so we pooled our tickets and ended up with well over 2000, which we used to acquire for Jess a pink poodle purse, a rotating disco ball light (see example), a plastic ninja sword, some dollar sign "bling" medallion that broke as soon as Jess touched it, a dollar sign Chinese yo-yo, and a few more assorted tiny knickknacks.

Then we went out for ice cream and I got a giant hot fudge sundae, half peppermint stick and half M&M's.

>> On Wednesday night I saw Elvis Costello, with special guests Allen Toussaint (that's the Allen Toussaint who wrote "Working in a Coalmine") and a horn section from New Orleans. They played for two and a half hours; 33 songs in total. Longest concert I've ever been to, and amusingly enough it was by the two oldest musicians I've ever seen live. And even though Elvis Costello may look like a sack of meat pasties these days, he's still one of the coolest guys on the planet. It was a great show. Terrible crowd of aging yuppies, but still a great show.


>> Andrew and Alyssa are going on a road trip to see Tom Waits in Akron, OH, next month, and I'm not because there was a freaking two ticket limit per order, and when Andrew tried for two more for Bethy and myself, they were all sold out. You can now buy one on eBay for $500. See, Tom Waits doesn't tour much anymore, especially in the United States. And he's only playing a limited run of shows in the midwest and south. And he may never tour the states again. Fans are calling this mini-tour nothing short of a miracle. And unless one or two extra tickets are released to Ticketmaster sometime in the next few weeks and I'm somehow able to grab one, I'm left in the dust here...
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they're actual size, but they seem much bigger to me [07 Jul 2006|04:50am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

This past Saturday I drove down to Uncasville, CT, to visit the Mohegan Sun casino -- specifically, because They Might Be Giants were playing a free 21+ show at this venue in the middle of one of the gaming floors called the Wolf Den.


Setlist, commentary, casino stuff, and more behind cut....Collapse )
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¡los nachos son buenos! [25 Jun 2006|12:40am]
[ mood | caliente ]

Yo soy un bandito.


¡Buenos nachos!

Muy delicioso.

¡Los nachos son buenos!
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all you need is cash, a-heehee! [23 Jun 2006|01:32am]
[ mood | muggy ]

I just heard "All You Need Is Love" playing on a credit card commercial. It was some crappy cover version, but still. Now, I love you tons Michael Jackson, but I really do think Paul McCartney should get to punch you in the nose at least once. C'mon, you won't even feel it.
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everything in its right place [10 Jun 2006|09:29pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

So I saw Radiohead on Sunday night, at the Bank of America Pavillion in Boston. I'd never been there before, and it's a pretty nice venue considering its corporate sponsorship/ClearChannel ownership (which Thom Yorke riffed on plenty throughout the evening). It's an open-air tent on Boston's waterfront, and has a nice, relaxing atmosphere. As relaxing as you can get with a squinty-eyed madman flailing around to thunderous bassdrumbeats.

No, no "Black Star" for this show, but they didn't play it on the next night, either, so it's not like I could have heard it at all. They did play "Karma Police" though; not that I was a yah-dood lame-o who kept screeching it out or anything, but I'd never seen them do it live before. They also played "How to Disappear Completely", which I wasn't expecting. And huzzah for keeping "Kid A" in the set past 2003's shows, as that song is so, so good on stage. We also got a longer show than usual, as they decided to play both "My Iron Lung" and "Karma Police" instead of choosing only one for the closer like they had written on the setlist; this was actually the first concert I've been to where I felt the encore was a true encore instead of just for show. In comparison, Boston night two only got 22 songs compared to my show's 24.

Oh, and the new songs from their upcoming seventh album? Huzzah plus three.
Main set:
There There / 2 + 2 = 5 / Lucky / 15 Step (*) / Arpeggi (*)/ Kid A / Dollars & Cents / The National Anthem / Nude (%)/ Videotape (*)/ Paranoid Android / Spooks (*)/ The Gloaming / House of Cards (*)/ Idioteque / Bangers 'n' Mash (*)/ How to Disappear Completely

Encore 1:
Airbag / Street Spirit (Fade Out) / Bodysnatchers (*)/ Everything in Its Right Place

Encore 2:
4 Minute Warning (*)/ My Iron Lung / Karma Police

(*) new songs
(%) new version of an old song
Ahhh, I love those Radioheads.

I'm going back to the Pavillion next month to see Elvis Costello.
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ol' squinty eyes is back [04 Jun 2006|03:07am]
[ mood | excited ]

Good golly, was there ever really a time in which I updated this thing two to three times a day?

Anyway, uh, I have plenty to write about (not much good), but all I really want to say right now is that I'm going to see Radiohead for my third time tonight. And they've been playing "Black Star" on this tour, which is my favorite song from The Bends and which they haven't broken out in years; fingers are crossed for my show. Oh, and Thom Yorke's solo album (which recently leaked) is really excellent. That is all.
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farewell, my little viking [26 May 2006|10:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]

There are a lot of reasons my life will never be that great again, and the fact that Pete & Pete isn't on the air anymore -- or the zero chance that a show like it will ever grace our screens again -- is one of the biggest.
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the rain in tyngsboro falls mainly on my basement [14 May 2006|03:41pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

The unfinished half of my basement is now full of an inch and a half of water. The refrigerator down there, in which I store all of my food, shorted out. And I was planning on doing a wash this afternoon; no clean clothes at the moment. Y'know, I love you rain, I really do, and I've been thrilled that you've been visiting these past few days...but keep out of my basement.
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annie's book stop: your cat and romance novel headquarters [17 Apr 2006|10:27pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Today I discovered the true horrors of Annie's Book Stop. I'd never been to one before, but I've really been in the mood for book collecting recently even though I'm low on cash, and so I stopped by the Daniel Webster Highway location. Holy shirtless men, I've never seen so many crappy romance novels in one place before! Literally one half of the store was devoted to them. And they were even divided into subgenres, one of which was TIME TRAVEL. There's actually a whole subgenre in the field of romance novels about time travel. Just...haha, wow. As for the rest of the store, another 20% was devoted to junky sci-fi (neither a Philip K. Dick nor an H.P. Lovecraft to be found) and another 20% to "best-sellers", which meant about a thousand copies of The Da Vinci Code. The remaining 10% consisted of young adult, self-help, and literature & poetry. That's right, kids: in a bookstore, one tiny shelf contained the only books regarded as literature, overshadowed by vast towers of Danielle Steel and naked Scotsmen. Oh, and you know what? I totally left out the great big section about cats. Scratch 5% off of that 10% grouping.

Anyway, for such a limited selection, I managed to nab a few decent books:

01) William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience for $0.90
02) Henry James's The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Novels for $2.49
03) Robert Louis Stevenson's The Suicide Club trilogy for $1.35
04) Kate Chopin's The Awakening for $1.80

Four books for $6.54? Annie's, I'm sorry; you're not all that bad.
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